jbthedelirious (jbthedelirious) wrote in goodbandnames,

Huzzah! Band Names!

Oemgi - pronounced 'oh em gee'
French Scene Breakdown - Technical Theatre term. I always have this image in my head of a French scene girl having a meltdown whenever I hear it.
The Brightest Crayon In The Toolbox - inspired by one of the many ditzy things to come out of my younger sister's mouth
No Garden Police - misheard lyric from Refuse/Resist by Sepultura
Catholic Radio Bear - misheard lyric from Rock The Casbah by The Clash
Ogre At The Temple - another misheard lyric from Rock The Casbah
Potato Wave - misheard lyric from Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam
Fiddle Butterfly - what my phone tried autocorrecting Gisele Bundchen to
Going To War With My Family - another autocorrect. I was texting my friend that I was going to eat with my family, and ended up with that instead.
A Dell 21 CD - another one inspired by my sister. We were looking for Adele's 21 album for our grandma and she asked, "Why does Granny need a CD for her computer?"

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