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Autism intervention inspires band names too

I was rereading the notes from my autism intervention from back when I was 2-4 years old, and saw a list of words I was being taught. Some pairs of consecutive words on the list would make good band names:

Cookie Owl
Flower House
Telephone Vacuum
Fork Bear
Helicopter Cake
Tricycle Cereal
Deer Thermometer
(or Dear Thermometer)
Hamburger Snake
Knife Pajamas
Corn Boot
Tomato Train
Hippo Glue
Turtle Shorts
Crayon Tree
Motorcycle Backpack
Zebra Boot
(yes, "boot" was on the list twice for some reason)
Jack o' Lantern Bacon (or just Jack o' Bacon)

And 3 bonus unrelated band names:

Goats & Recordings - a tutorial video for a Livescribe smartpen said something about notes and recordings, but in a way that it almost sounded like "goats and recordings"
Unimaginable Plastic - misreading of a label on something I don't remember (I'm wanting to think it was a chess set? I'm pretty sure it was some sort of board game, anyway) that actually said "unbreakable plastic"
Flying Sardines - during a game of Capture the Flag, someone yelled something that I didn't get to hear very clearly because both of us were running in opposite directions, but it sounded vaguely like this
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