What do you mean, Enya isn't a Mario character?! (matt1993) wrote in goodbandnames,
What do you mean, Enya isn't a Mario character?!

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Some more...

Sanity Chickens - From misreading "sanity checkers" in one of my LJ friends' entries. Of course, for a band name, Insanity Chickens or Insane Chickens would probably be better. Or maybe Saintly Chickens.

The Cursed Pizza - Scooby-Doo reference

Grilled Pencils - from what I had changed the subject line of this Writer's Block answer from a while ago to

Lactose-Intolerant Staplers - I was randomly thinking about that subject line and thought up other things I could have used, and this was one of them

Anonymous Noise
Ominous Anonymous - at Wal-Mart, pathvain_aelien was trying to say that our cart was making an ominous noise, but ended up saying "an onimous noise", which I heard as "anonymous noise".

IntegerParty - from a typo while I was programming; I meant to type "IntegerPart"
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