What do you mean, Enya isn't a Mario character?! (matt1993) wrote in goodbandnames,
What do you mean, Enya isn't a Mario character?!

No subject line (well, now there is)

Ketchup Fetish - from a time that my mom said that I must have a "ketchup fetish" since I eat so much ketchup

The Inflating Woman or The Inflating Women - inspired by my actual fetish

Queen Arbitrary or King Arbitrary - at Wal-Mart today I saw a few queen-size airbeds, except the boxes just said "QUEEN AIRBED", which I initially misread as "QUEEN ARBITRARY".

Queen-Size Kings or King-Size Queens - while checking out from Wal-Mart, I glanced over at some king size candies, was reminded of the above "Queen/King Arbitrary" name, and thought of this.

Super Mario Boars - inspired by a time that I misspelled "Super Mario Bros." as "Super Mario Bors."

And, as one might expect, I came up with even more during my hiatus but forgot them :(
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